Fanny Hill • BBC • BAFTA Nominated
2 Episodes x 60 mins (40'' Clip) Period / Drama

Andrew Davies' adaptation of John Cleland's infamous, classic 18th-century novel, Fanny Hill. It is the story of a young country girl unwittingly forced into prostitution.

1st Assistant Editor: Matt Berkeley-Lobato
Editor: Sue Wyatt
Director: James Hawes
Starring: Alison Steadman, Rebecca Night, Philip Jackson, Alex Robertson & Samantha Bond
Producer: Nigel Marchant
Executive Producer: Sally Head

The Colour of Magic • Sky • BAFTA Nominated
2 Episodes x 63 mins (1'31'' Clip) Fantasy / Drama

A cowardly wizard is roped into a life of adventure. A tale from the first two books of Terry Pratchett's fantasy series "Discworld".

VFX Assistant Editor: Matt Berkeley-Lobato
VFX Surpervisor: Simon Thomas
Director: Vadim Jean
Starring: David Jason, Sean Astin, Tim Curry, Christopher Lee & Jeremy Irons
Producers: Rod Brown, Ian Sharples

10 Arenas of Marwood • Independent
Feature Film 91 mins Drama

Marwood has become addicted to running a clinic that treats addiction. He decides to solve his problems with landlords, the taxman, and the authorities by making a film about them. But first, he must confront the nature of his own addiction.

Editor: Matt Berkeley-Lobato
Producer: Amanda Long
Director: Michael Audreson
Starring: Laura Gallacher, Peter Wickham, Judi Bowker & Bryan Murray

The Moment Trap • Independent
Feature Film 93 mins Crime / Drama

Just as his girlfriend leaves him, Mickey Sharp receives the tragic news that his best friend died in a car accident, leaving behind an unfinished documentary about a parking scam.

Editor: Matt Berkeley-Lobato
Director: Steven Johnson
Producer: Greg Stewart